📑 Introduction to Page Quality Rating

A Page Quality (PQ) rating task consists of a URL and a grid to record your observations, in order to guide your exploration of the landing page and the website associated with the URL. Ultimately, the goal of Page Quality rating is to evaluate how well the page achieves its purpose. Because different types of websites and webpages can have very different purposes, our expectations and standards for different types of pages are also different.

Here's what you'll need to be a successful Page Quality rater:

  • Your experience using the web as an ordinary user in your rating locale.
  • In-depth knowledge of these guidelines.
  • And most importantly—practice doing PQ rating tasks!

The examples in these guidelines are very important. Please view each one and keep in mind a few notes about the examples:

  • Webpages and websites change rapidly, so we use images or "snapshots" of webpages in most of our examples.
  • The information in the examples was accurate at the time it was added, but content and websites may change over time.
  • Some examples show pages on desktop and some show pages on mobile devices.
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